Video Collection

A Service for Making Peace and Starting Again

After a long season of division and strife, we marked the end of the December 2022 Called Annual Conference with a moment of unity, hope, and worship.


A Future With Hope
for the UMC

TWMBO hosted "A Future with Hope," featuring panel discussions with Texas Annual Conference leaders and keynote speaker Rev. Adam Hamilton.


The UMC into the Future

Some of the That We May Be One team sat down with Rev. Adam Hamilton to talk about who we are and who we can be.

Unity Struggles Aren’t New
Can the UMC contain differing views?

Christian Empathy
Can the UMC be a church of differing views?

Methodists are People of Both/And
Can we have Vital Piety AND Social Witness?

Countering Culture, Not Giving In
Is the UMC ceding to the culture?

Applying the Bible to Our Time and Our Lives - How does the UMC interpret Scripture?

The Dual Fear Factor—Why are there so many rumors about the UMC?

Keeping the Holy Spirit in Scripture—
How do people of differing theologies stay in the same UMC?

Traditionalist AND United Methodist—
Will traditionalists be welcomed in the UMC?

Beliefs about Resurrection, Divinity, and Trinity—Is UMC doctrine changing?

Don't Leave the Table—Can the people of the UMC stay together?

God's Compassion Triumphs Over Fear
Can the UMC come together?

De-Weaponizing Scripture
How does the UMC interpret Scripture?



Young clergy from around the connection gathered to dream and vision for the future of the United Methodist Church. These are their stories.

Visions of the Future UMC

Tips and tools for local churches

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